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Our professional team of experts have over a 100 years of combined experience in the auto repair industry.
Go to Preventative Auto Maintenance

Preventative Auto Maintenance

Simple and inexpensive preventive checks can be undertaken which will greatly extend the life of your vehicle and ensure safer operation.

Go to Fleet Management

Fleet Management

We offer comprehensive car fleet management services. We have the expertise and the professional diagnostic tools that will cover any vehicle – from a high-end limousine, to an average sedan or a commercial van/truck.

Go to General Servicing

General Servicing

Staying on top of routine maintenance will help keep your car running smooth. Regular maintenance is one of the most important things you can do for your vehicle.

Go to Computerised Diagnostics

Computerised Diagnostics

Performing a car diagnostic test can reveal a range of problems associated with the car’s transmission, engine, exhaust system and various other components of the car.

Go to Other Services

Other Services

Our certified service technicians are prepared to handle all major and minor repairs on your vehicles. Each of our technicians are fully trained and our experience and expertise is guaranteed.

About Us

MIK GARAGE established in 1996 is a one stop solution for all your automotive needs

Our Founder and CEO, Mohd Ishaq Khan, holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and has a vast array of knowledge in the automotive field. Throughout the years of extensively being involved in the Technical and Operational aspects of the Garage business, he has gained immense experience and is an expert in this field. Over the years we have constantly strived to keep at pace with the ever-changing modern technologies in the automobile industry, enabling us to cater to a wide range of services. We have exceptionally exceeded our customer’s expectations by providing quality services at pocket-friendly prices. We specialise in denting, painting, mechanical and electrical services for all American, Japanese and European - Light and Heavy vehicles.


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