ad police stop sign

In recent times, Abu Dhabi Police have taken several initiatives to ensure safety of children in school zones. They have launched several campaigns to promote awareness about road safety practices to be followed while driving in school zones. Authorities have also taken a tougher stance against traffic offenders to eliminate the risk of dangerous road situations involving children. It is now important for motorists to follow traffic rules and develop a defensive driving approach to ensure the safety of children in school zones.

Abu Dhabi Police has decided to take strict action against drivers who ignore the stop signs of school buses. Authorities have advised motorists to maintain at least a 5m distance from a school bus whenever they see the stop sign. Motorists and bus drivers can face serious penalties for exhibiting reckless driving behavior in school zones.

Motorists can face a hefty fine of AED1,000 and 10 black points for ignoring the stop signs of school buses. Repeating this can potentially lead to the driver’s license getting suspended once the black points reach to 24.

Bus drivers can also be fined for reckless driving behavior in school zones. According to authorities, bus drivers will have to face a fine of AED500 and 6 black points for failing to display the stop sign while picking up or dropping off children.

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