August 25, 2016

Fleet Management

We offer comprehensive fleet management services that will significantly decrease your vehicles’ out-of-service average times. Our preventive maintenance program offers measurable results at short ROI intervals by offering:

  • A single point of contact for all your car needs
  • Minimizing the amount of time your employees spend on managing service operations
  • Minimizing the amount of time your vehicles spend at our service center
  • Providing fast and efficient roadside assistance
  • Carefully planning your fleet management operations as per your requirements

Some of our customers include large hotel chains, luxury car rental companies, multinational corporations and private companies. We have the expertise and the professional diagnostic tools that will cover any vehicle – from a high-end limousine, to an average sedan or a commercial van/truck. Our spare parts supply chain includes all official spare parts dealerships in the UAE, plus aftermarket OEM suppliers and overseas original parts suppliers.