August 20, 2016

Other Services


All types of electrical and air conditioning system repairs, on any make or type of vehicle are undertaken at our workshop. Common electrical tasks include:

  • Work with computer-controlled engine management systems
  • Service, identify and repair faults on electronically controlled vehicle systems such as electronic fuel injection, electronic ignition, anti-lock braking, cruise control, automatic transmission, airbags and air conditioning
  • Install electrical equipment such as gauges, lighting, alternators and starter motors in vehicles
  • Install electrically operated accessories such as radios, heating or demisting equipment, air conditioners, driving lamps and anti-theft systems
  • Use meters, test instruments and circuit diagrams to find electrical faults
  • Adjust engine control systems and timing to make sure vehicles are running at peak performance
  • Test, recondition and replace faulty alternators, generators, starter motors and related items such as voltage regulators and batteries
  • Repair or replace faulty ignition, electrical wiring, fuses, lamps and switches
  • Use hand tools, specialised electrical tools, instruments and machines, including drills, grinders, presses and lathes
  • Solder or weld when repairing electrical parts
  • Install electrical parts and accessories
  • Install, repair and service air conditioning systems.



We carry out repairs and maintenance on any make or type of vehicle. Our certified service technicians are prepared to handle all major and minor repairs on your vehicles. Each of our technicians are fully trained and our experience and expertise is guaranteed. Common mechanical tasks include

  • Replacing Oxygen Sensor
  • Loose Fuel Caps
  • Replacing Catalytic Converter
  • Replacing Mass Air Flow Sensor
  • Replacing Spark Plugs
  • Replacing Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve
  • Replacing Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor
  • Replacing Ignition Coils
  • Replacing Intake Manifold Gaskets



Comprehensive restoration services, from complete strip down of chassis and components to rebuilding and repainting using original or restored parts all completed with particular attention to the original vehicle specifications.



We can undertake the fabrication of steel and aluminum work for sub frames, platforms, chassis, bodywork and body modifications and can design.



We can undertake body conversions, drive line changes and upgrades to engine and suspension components.



Our workshop can undertake accident repair work and general body repairs to all types of vehicles to international standards.