So, you have finally decided to own that car you always wanted but are not sure about all the legal procedures regarding the ownership transfer and registration. Our team has highlighted a few tips and tricks on how to get your car registered and on the road asap.

The car registration process in Dubai is very straightforward, thanks to the RTA introducing various channels. If you buy a new car from the showroom, the dealer usually takes care of all the paperwork till the car is roadworthy. They will just hand-over the keys to your gleaming new car and within seconds you will be driving it right out of the showroom parking lot. This is for the first time only, you will have to renew it yourself next year.

Also, many used car dealers will take care of all the hassles of the registration process (ofcourse, for a price). If by any chance, you find that you need to register or renew the car registration card by yourself, this is where these tips will come in handy.

There are three ways for registering your Dubai registration card

1 Online through RTA website

This is by far the most simple and fast method to renew your dubai registration card. Just log onto Make an account if you don’t already have one. Go to licensing services and pay through your credit card. The Dubai car registration card will be sent to you by courier in 2-3 working days.

Although before you do that, you need to buy an insurance policy (can be purchased online as well) and go the vehicle test (if the vehicle is more than 3 years old) at one of the service providers.

The best thing is, both the insurance and test report will be uploaded to your Dubai registration data automatically when you log into the RTA online portal.

Below is a list of service providers which are partnered with the RTA. This list is in no way a comprehensive one, as RTA keeps on continuously partnering with a lot of service providers every now and then:

  • Dubai Traffic Department
  • Tasjeel
  • Eppco
  • Shamil
  • Wasel Car Testing
  • Cars Centre

Note: Al Barsha Tasjeel (ENOC station) is open till midnight and is relatively quiet after 9pm. Al Qusais Tasjeel is open 24 hours.

2 Walk-in to one of the service providers

This will take a little bit longer than the online method (for obvious reasons). You will need to take the following documents with you:

  • Testing report (original)*
  • Passport (original and copy)*
  • Emirates ID (original and copy)
  • UAE Driving license (original and copy)
  • Insurance policy (original) – if expired, then it must be renewed*
  • “No Objection Letter” or “Bank Clearance Certificate” if the car is financed by a bank*
  • Old registration card – if the card is expired the car must be tested at one of the locations above

The process is as follows:

  • Get your car tested at one of the test bays
  • If the test is passed, proceed to one of the information counters for the token
  • Pay your outstanding fines (if any) and the registration card fees (usually AED 450-500)
  • You will get the new registration card and license plate sticker


  • Should your car fail the test, you will get 30 days to fix it and do a re-test (for AED 35) and complete the procedures
  • Registration is usually done at the same place of testing
  • All service providers have a number of ATM’s and accept Debit and Credit cards as well, if you find issues with cash shortage
  • If your residency visa is from an emirate other than Dubai bring a tenancy agreement or DEWA bill to prove that you live in Dubai
  • Check the traffic fines before you go to the registration center: or pay them on the mPay app powered by Dubai Smart Government
  • Registration must be done every year

3 Leave it to us!

Alternatively, you can contact us for a hassle-free experience. Our representatives will pick your car from your home or office and finish all the procedures before returning it back in a few hours. Our services include:

  • Pick up the vehicle at any location within Dubai
  • Insurance services – we will try to get you the best quotes from major insurance companies whom we are partnered with.
  • Should your vehicle fail the initial test, we can fix the issues with your car (charges based on estimate) with a free pass guarantee in the re-test
  • Once everything is done, drop the vehicle at your location of choice in Dubai

Contact us now!


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