Every single day there are hundreds of car accidents that occur all over the world. The biggest shame of it all is how many of them could have been easily avoided if we only paid a little bit more attention!

So when one driver was speeding down the highway, he had no idea he was going to capture some of the worst driving of all time, followed closely by some of the absolute best driving we’ve ever seen!

The black Camaro up ahead is driving at a good clip when he suddenly tries to merge into another lane. Right at that moment another car pulls in which causes the Camaro to pull hard to the left suddenly.

That causes a chain reaction and the car loses traction begins to swerve left and right.

Eventually the car spins heading straight towards the wall, but at the last second it appears as if the driver got his control back.

A huge semi-truck whizzes by just as the stricken car manages to pull safely into the shoulder without getting so much as a scratch!

In less than 10 seconds you saw some of the worst driving which caused a near wreck, followed by a masterful regaining of control where the driver maintained their cool in a very scary situation. Do these instances cancel each other out? Is this a good driver or a bad driver? Let us know in the comments below!

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